College Chairs, #5 & #6

Last week I got to do one of my favorite things in the world: hand deliver two finished college chairs. Now, I don’t actually get to see the reactions of Those Whose Houses In Which They Will Ultimately Reside (also known by the catchy acronym, TWHIWTWUR)…but I do get to deliver them to My All-Time Favorite Client, Elizabeth (um, acronym….ATFC,E? Nah, doesn’t flow. Lemme work on that). You may recall the table and stools I painted for Elizabeth and her family…you know, these…

Elizabeth's Table and Stools







And the chair for her daughter…










I am extremely fortunate that Elizabeth is kindly disposed toward my work…and since she is the intermediary for the college chairs–and the reason for their existence, thanks Elizabeth!–she gives enough reactions, feedback, and careful attention to all the details I added, to make it a deeply gratifying experience. She frankly rocks.


So here are the two most recent additions to the…um…let’s call it the Pantheon of the Poets Laureate, because hyperbole is fun.

#5:IMG_2059 This one features same an idyllic view from the outdoor basketball court, with the new, yet-to-be built science building peeking through the trees.

On the seat is the iconic image from Whittier College: Diehl Hall in the background, The Rock, 101 years old, routinely painted in school colors, in the foreground. The real Friday the Squirrel, the school’s founder’s pet, is stuffed and on exhibit in the college library. My version is slightly more lively.

Each chair shares this unifying image, but the Rock’s colors are specific to the recipient, and Friday…well…he’s just plain unpredictable.























#6 features the beautiful performing arts center of Whittier College. In the foreground is the Dezember Medal set in crystal, which was awarded to the chair’s recipient.



































Here, Friday channels his inner ninja. I like that squirrel.















Still to come…chairs #7,8,9 and 10! So stay tuned!









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