The College Chairs

Thought you’d maybe like to see what I’ve been up to with those college chairs I told you about!

Quick refresher: they’re to be presented to the Poets Laureate of Whittier College, the elite group of donors to the school. Each one features the same scene on the seat, the iconic view of Whittier’s Diehl Hall, with the 101-year old Rock in the foreground, often painted (as is the tradition) with the colors of that recipient’s society (which is like a fraternity or sorority), with the addition of Friday the Squirrel (also a piece of Whittier lore) popping up in different places.

The chair back is then devoted to more personal elements for each recipient, specific donations to the school, personal interests, awards, chocolate chip cookies…things like that.

So here’s what I’ve done so far:

1511503_664474120257532_970229926_n 1957803_664591583579119_545750025_o 1911119_664590756912535_300527297_o 1907805_664567763581501_593783276_o 1795982_664567543581523_354173745_o 1556299_664591513579126_183120168_o 1016750_664474183590859_2103756411_n








image imageimage image image












































A lot of purple, a lot of squirrels, a lot of fun! There are at least four more coming up after these latest two are done…plus a new footstool order…geez, I better go get to work!

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