More treasure boxes–and now on Etsy!

I’ve been painting my widdle fingers to the bone around here, and have a fair bit to show for it!

The five boxes for She Who Came Up With the Idea in the First Place are signed, sealed, and delivered.

Here’s the group shot:906800_627842877253990_318286676_o






That middle one, for Lachlan, ended up being my favorite–the whole naughty-doggy thing resonates with me, I guess! Lachlan likes soccer, trains, and the Oregon Ducks, and loves his dog best of all. So here’s what I decided could have happened:

2013-11-15 12.37.02 2013-11-15 12.37.20 2013-11-15 12.37.292013-11-25 15.10.07






















And then finally, at long, long last, something for my own kids! Yay! They’re currently resting while the last layer of sealer dries, and then they’ll swiftly be wrapped and deposited under the Christmas tree.

I’m pretty thrilled with these, largely because they were actually designed by my kids, although they didn’t know that’s what they were doing! I just casually asked them, as I often do, what a boy who happened to be eight-almost-nine, and a girl who’s six-and-eight months, would like if they happened to get keepsake boxes. I think I was fairly subtle.

My son’s life goal is to be an oceanographer who invents the world’s best deep-sea submersible, and also is a paleontologist, who travels to the bottom of the ocean and finds mosasaur bones. He’s very specific. And I reeaaally need to ramp up the college-saving-plan, because that’s a lotta degrees.

So here’s what I think that looks like, with my own addition of a trusty co-pilot, Jango (our very own naughty doggy): 2013-12-13 12.30.20 2013-12-13 12.32.43  2013-12-13 12.31.58 2013-12-13 12.31.42 2013-12-13 12.31.25 2013-12-13 12.31.03 2013-12-13 12.30.43 HDR








2013-12-13 12.32.24







There had to be a shark, but I just could not bring myself to paint a Great White anywhere near my son, no matter how cool he would think it is. My theory is that a hammerhead would be a little more restricted in its ability to bite and/or maim. Please don’t burst my bubble.

























And of course, the hidden treasure, a megaladon tooth:

2013-12-13 12.33.14






2013-12-13 12.33.09







Now, my daughter seemed to have a full-formed picture in her head: lilies on a pond, with ducklings swimming by, and a frog.

Instantly inspiring, and I was totally on board. But I think I went her one better:

2013-12-13 12.33.41 2013-12-13 12.36.292013-12-13 12.34.24   2013-12-13 12.35.37 2013-12-13 12.35.22 2013-12-13 12.35.14 2013-12-13 12.34.53 2013-12-13 12.34.44








































And since we couldn’t see little Mr. Diving Duck’s face, I decided to fix that.

2013-12-13 12.36.18 2013-12-13 12.35.53 Vòil2013-12-13 12.36.00a. The underside of water.
















I kinda can’t wait to give these to them…and really, I think I need to pay them a stipend for expanding my repertoire like this!

And in case you’re wondering (at least I hope you’re wondering), yes, you can now find this listed on Etsy, for a custom-designed treasure box of your very own! Click here to find it.

Just to clarify, I am offering two types of boxes, for two different prices: the top-and-side-panel version, with name painted on front (like Lachlan’s) for $159; or the all-over, comprehensive design for $225. Either style you choose, the design will be completely original, based on what is significant and beloved for YOUR child (or friend or aunt or about-to-be-married cousin or…). We’ll talk, I’ll get all sorts of ideas from you, and then I’ll get to work!

Oh, and it bears repeating again, these wonderful little boxes are all handmade from solid poplar, by a marvelous team of dad-and-sons at Designcraft Industries–they’re on Etsy and Facebook too! So if you want a different size, just ask me, and they will custom make it (for some additional cost, of course).

Can’t wait to get started on more of these!

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