Such goings on…

Hi folks…it’s been a while. How ya been?

Me? I’m flying apart at the seams…you know, the usual. Good flying apart, I promise! Here’s what I’ve been up to…

A lovely lady that I know personally wanted something special for her 5 grandchildren for Christmas. We were thinking footstools, talking design, and suddenly realized…wait, does an 11 year old boy really need a footstool? And does one house suddenly need to absorb three footstools. No, and no. Hmm. What to do.

Enter inspiration. Not mine, I might add! The lovely lady’s. Boxes! Keepsake boxes! Treasure boxes! The kind of thing my own kids keep weird and wonderful things like bone fragments and Mexican pesos and choice pieces of sparkly plastic in! Why have I never painted one of those before? It’s a perfect fit! It’s brilliant! All the whimsy and personalization anyone could want, almost zero impact on one’s current decorating phase!

Finding said boxes…this proved slightly challenging. Try Googling them sometime, I dare you. The ones you find easily, those craft boxes? Move along, nothing to see here folks. I didn’t move along, I ordered. I opened. I sanded. I put pieces back together that fell off in my hand. Twice. Um, no. Just…no. Not sure what they would be appropriate for, but not for anything you want to last longer than next week. Despair set in…

Etsy to the rescue! Enter fabulous handmaker-of-boxes, Designcraft Industries. Love. LOVE. Hearts-and-flowers type love. Solid hardwood, made to order, stay in one piece, possibly forever…magic. See?

Designcraft box 1 Designcraft box 2










So, one down, one in progress…

1384199_603379286367016_1060230722_n 1381293_603379239700354_1181393735_n 1375807_603379323033679_336455927_n Chandler's box











Three and three-quarters to go…maybe another order pending…maybe a couple for my own kids, if they’re really nice to me. Boxes are my new love affair. (Don’t tell my husband)







But wait!! There’s more!!


Remember that awesome table and stools set? Allow me to refresh your memory…


Riiiiiight….that one.





So, it now lives with an equally awesome family, the super-duper-mommy-figure of which works at a college. And she likes what I paint. And they need personalized chairs for said college. To give to some fairly important people. You see where I’m going here? Yeah. First installment, we are a go.

1374426_10151764496677600_181618278_nImagine something similar to this, with my artwork displayed on it…artfully.

5 chairs now…maybe 5 more later on. After that…who knows? New vendor with really cool stuff to work with as a result of this project–not new actually, I use Whittier Wood stools all the time

(you know, these?)



but now I get to deal with them directly, small business to large business! And I get my hands on their chairs!

Aaaaaand…I now know what I want for Christmas: more work space! Forget about one corner of the garage, I’m taking the whole thing! I am envisioning tables and shelves and nooks and crannies, stuff suspended from the ceiling, brushes and paint and sandpaper in dedicated spots, maybe even a garage sink (be still my heart) all for me, me, me!!!

When I get back from my power trip, I really need to get to work.

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