Come across this today, and just found it so fascinating that I had to share!

Pepperbox Couture


This is a post looking at the recent phenomenon of paste up and stencil art with a side ways nod to spray can graffiti. It’s a continuation of the theme of posts I’ve recently done investigating various forms of anonymous street art (Yarn bombing and Guerrilla Gardening).


Paste up and Stencil street art is generally considered part and parcel with spray paint graffiti and general defacing of public property – illegal.


I think it has to be mentioned some of this style of graffiti has artistic merit and is quite beautiful.

In fact some artists/works have acclaimed status in contemporary culture (Bansky is a great example of this)  and tend to influence and inform pop culture.

The concepts are varied, hot topics tend to be political views, social rhetoric and amusing observations. It’s important to note that this genre in the current social climate is seen more often graduating into…

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