Extry, extry, read all about it!

This is rather exciting. So you know how I put out my nebulous “I’m directing my energy back into my art” vibes into the universe on New Year’s day–which clearly is rife with mystical powers of make-it-happenness–and one day later was invited to the RAW showcase? Well, now because of THAT little bit of magic (oh, and a cousin who happens to be a reporter and therefor knows other reporters), I just met with a really nice young woman who listened to all my inane chatter about how and why and when and where I paint, and put up with my obnoxiously adoring dog trying to ooze his way into her lap without her knowing it. Really, she was a saint. Oh, and I had a sick child upstairs, too. I was a little distracted. And possibly a little ramped up on caffeine. It’s a good thing she recorded it, because I suspect I was talking too fast for human fingers to catch up with.

So, I am getting press. Real, live, actual, press. This is kind of earth-shakingly huge for me. I forgot to ask when this article would come out–and I’m still a little fuzzy on the distinction between the OC Register and the Irvine World News, and which one it would turn up in…but I’ll just wait and see and enjoy the ride. So aren’t you glad you found me now, right before I hit what will clearly be The Big Time? You can say you knew me when…

Oh, and because I have the deadline of the showcase looming over me, I’m actually being fairly productive. (sidenote: who can I hire to present me with fake-yet-real-enough-to-produce-a-stress-response deadlines so I stay on this train??) So I’ve got those two stools done, and I’m nearly finished with the latest surfboard chair, the Gidget (I’m kinda in love with the name), and I’m happy to see that my starfish (or is it sea star?) painting skills are actually improving.image image image image





That side shot is supposed to be so that you can see the bird tracks meandering around the chair legs…which I now realize you can’t see. Hmph.



AND I got a brand new idea!! For these little oval stools–they’re really dainty, not very tall, cute as a button, inexplicably called cricket stools by the manufacturer. Why? They’re knee-high to a cricket? Don’t get it. Anyway, oval top, looks like….a really small surfboard. Or….an egg. An egg! Not an Easter egg, how about a FABERGE-inspired egg? With the fancy little legs all painted in gold, like they’re the gold stand the egg is sitting in?? Love it!! Must start on it today! Tomorrow, at the latest! (see, trying to apply my own pressure…not sure if it’s working)

So I’ll keep you all posted on the when and the where of the article, maybe we’ll have a party, something small and tasteful, but with balloons. Yeah, I think so.

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