Paisley’s Round-up–custom painted child’s table and chairs

I got to do something rather wonderful yesterday: hand deliver a commissioned piece to a family friend, and then watch it be admired by a roomful of people. A glowy sort of moment. See, my friend Courtney is the daughter of a friend of my mom’s, whose mother was best friends with my grandmother…let’s just say our families are pretty well intertwined, for a few generations. Courtney also has a seriously adorable baby girl named Paisley Blue, who just turned one.

Courtney ALSO happens to have a fabulous little child-sized table and chair set that was made for her by her maternal grandfather, a talented finish carpenter. It’s a sturdy, lovely little set, that harbors many cherished memories for Courtney of tea parties, Play-Doh masterpieces, and crayon fests. Of course, all that love and serious attention to playtime is bound to leave some wear and tear, and the little table was in need of a little facelift before it could get passed down to Paisley. Courtney and her mom decided I was the one for the job (thank you, thank you, thank you, ladies!).

Now, inspiration for this piece was pretty easy to come by. There’s Paisley’s distinctive name, some special requests from Courtney, and of course the young family’s love of all things Western–you should see their gorgeous house, with chickens, goats, and the occasional horse lounging in the yard! So I knew a paisley print was going to turn up somewhere, pink was a given (you should see her room), Courtney loved my cowhide print from the sheriff stool and rocking chair designs, and blueberries. Courtney asked for blueberries. See, Paisley IS the little blueberry at their house–how cute is that?? Really, this table practically painted itself.

So the resulting story (my pieces always have a story…I’m a little obsessive that way) is a break taken at the end of a trail ride, on a breezy day that keeps the edges of the big pink bandana-print cloth fluttering–that’s why the worn leather hat is lying there, to keep the whole thing from flying clean away! The cowpoke has thoughtfully brought along a snack for the trusty old paint, and a healthy one, too–an apple and a handful of blueberries. The chairs are made just a little more comfortable for tired, saddle-sore posteriors with a nice piece of cowhide tacked down with brass rivets. And there’s no confusion about who sits where, either: one chair reads “Paisley Blue,” the other says “Paisley’s Pal.”

Then came the moment at Paisley’s cowgirl (of course) birthday party when I turned over the table set to Courtney’s mom, who presented it to Courtney…who cried. Really, could I ask for anything more? Maybe just one more thing…if I hear back through the grapevine that Paisley is trying to pick up those blueberries…that’s true success!

2 thoughts on “Paisley’s Round-up–custom painted child’s table and chairs

  1. Margie wakeham says:

    Lara does not quit. you are the best at this! And I have 5 of these already. Great work!

  2. Lara, thank you so mach for following my blog. I have to say that your art work is amazingly incredible (if such combination of words even exists in English). And saying that I can not even express how honored I am for artist like you liking my art creation. Thank you so much again!

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