Brand new listings!

Yay! I have two new pieces to share with you! I have high hopes for these two…I’d love to hear what you think about them!

The first was inspired by my Undersea Adventure chair.

Hand painted dining chair

This has been my most talked about, most eye-catching piece to date, and I wanted to see if it could be adapted into a footstool form that’s more budget-friendly, without losing the whimsy and uniqueness of the original.

Here’s the result!

Let me set the scene for you: an old boat lies partially buried on the sea floor, which is dotted with vibrant purple coral reefs teeming with vivid plant life, anemones, and tropical fish.









As the water deepens and darkens, we find two hammerheard sharks ominously circling… da-dun…da-dun…

As in the original chair, a first name can be hand-lettered onto the prow of the boat (suitably weathered looking, of course), for that extra personal touch!

Check out my Etsy listing for pricing and other little details!





My second piece was commissioned by a client who wanted a kitchen step stool for herself inspired by the warmth and aged elegance of Tuscany. I went to work, and created this:

While working on it I started calling it the Tuscan Two-Step, but…perhaps that’s a little too line-dance-y? I’m open to suggestions, people!



The inspiration here was the ornate carvings and detailed elements I see over and over in Tuscan design, with the whole piece hand-distressed and antiqued to emulate a sturdy kitchen fixture passed down for a few generations.





The dropped “dishcloth” on the top step in a vibrant red adds a warm pop of color, and features it’s own Tuscan-inspired design of embroidered vines and leaves.

You can check out the details for this one on Etsy, too!




As always, I want to make my pieces unique and meaningful for each client, so I love to hear about elements and colors that would be special to YOU! Most customizations can be done at no extra cost, provided they don’t exceed the scope of the original design. Let’s talk!

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