Cracking the whip

I am completely surrounded by blank, raw wood furniture, and with this surfeit of options, I’m completely stuck. I don’t know where to start! Plus, I’m a “performance under pressure” kind of gal, and there’s no pressure. Nobody’s waiting for anything except ME, and I don’t think I count. At least not as pressure.

But I’ve got to keep things moving forward if I want to make this venture work…so here’s my to-do list:

  • Design a Tuscan-style two step footstool–excited about this one! I’ll show you pics once it actually exists!


  • Adapt beach designs to footstools
















equals….something entirely new!



  • Paint another Undersea Adventure chair because it’s just fun and I want another one around.

Hand painted dining chair








  • Adapt the “Jack” surf chair to a more feminine version

<——Picture this with lipstick pink Hawaiian print, maybe some seashells on the seat…what else? Sunglasses?






There. That ought to get me started. Now I have to be accountable to you people. Kinda like Weight Watchers.

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