New Dino-riffic design–Handpainted child’s footstool

Nearly as soon as I joined Twitter (about which I’m still a terrible neophyte, I ask a lot of really dumb questions because I just don’t get it), my site was discovered by a nice fellow tweeter looking for a footstool for his son’s upcoming birthday. As I did not have any dinosaur themes in my repertoire at the time, I agreed to come up with something. And then I took a few days to carefully consider my approach.

I’ve learned that my painting style does not adapt well to all-over designs with cavorting creatures and graphic designs–I like other peoples’ designs along those lines, but they do not make me happy in my own work. I want things to look REAL. I want to create a little piece of (admittedly whimsical and/or improbable) reality, be it a beach or a shipwreck or a prehistoric forest–that just happens to come in the shape of a chair or a footstool. I like a good paradox!

So this dinosaur theme required some thought, because the scale issue of trying to paint an actual dinosaur on something as small as a stool just didn’t fly–what looks real about that? So I decided to go for a less literal interpretation, and just do the footprint of a dinosaur. It still required quite a bit of research–but luckily my research assistant (aka 7 year old Colin) has a ready supply of dinosaur books from which to draw. He must’ve given me a stack of five or six–I had no idea he had so many dino books, did I buy all of those?? How foresightful of me!

I learned all sorts of things about which of the dinosaurs were theropods (which means “beast foot” but is actually a total misnomer), how they walked, even which toes bore their weight. I am now a deep well of information on the subject. I will henceforth be a hit at parties.

So here is my rendition of a theropod footprint, species unknown–could even be a young T. rex, who knows!

Want one for yourself? Got a dino-phile in the family who needs a boost? Check out my Etsy shop for pricing and ordering details!

Personalization included! Customization available, additional fees may apply.

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