My Featured Pick of the Day!

So here’s a gallery of one of my most talked about & viewed pieces…and one in which I tried things I’d never done before, had a lot of fun experimenting, and discovered I was actually fairly good with painting underwater life. Which is odd, since I find the aquatic world beautiful but full of terrible things with teeth that might eat me. Maybe this is how I purge that fear. Yes! Order more of these, help me work on my unreasonable fear of chompy things in the ocean!

This chair was designed for a particular little boy, the son of a friend of mine…and his exuberant, adventurous, irrepressible personality definitely inspired me throughout the painting of it.

I have to say, painting the coral reefs was possibly the most joyous painting experience I’ve ever had. Never having done subjects like that before, I had no idea how it was going to go–it could have been a disaster! It wasn’t…it almost painted itself. Maybe I was in the zone. It was one of the rare times that what was in my head almost instantly matched what was flowing out of my brush–no, better: because each creature or rock or finger of coral I painted inspired new ideas and changed–improved–what was in my head. Really cool synergy. I really want to paint one of these again.

Be sure to check me out at my Etsy shop!

More pictures also available on Lara Eve Designs on Facebook!

Hand painted dining chair ]

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