Have we met?

I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced, have we? My apologies. So….hi! I’m Lara!

Oh. You want more details? <deep breath> OK. You asked for it.

I’m a suburban housewife, shockingly without my own reality series (yet). I have two marvelously beautiful children who keep me laughing in between tearing out my hair, and an amazing, patient, supportive, wonderful computer geek husband. I tend toward creative avenues of expression–I sing (pretty well, actually), I write (you can be the judge of the quality there), and I paint.

I started painting on furniture…oh…15 or 20 years ago, I think. It started as my mom’s idea (hi Mom, thanks) to paint an unfinished rocking horse for a family member who was having a baby. There were several of those. I discovered I really, really liked painting on a three dimensional canvas. I could be inspired by the shapes and details of the piece, and play with them to go in surprising directions. It started to become kind of a game to make the piece simultaneously as realistic as I could produce (one memorable example was when I  painted some jelly beans that the poor baby spent months trying to pick up) and as whimsical as my imagination wanted it to get.

Then my own friends started procreating, and I branched out into rocking chairs–and in one notable instance, a whole child’s table and chair set. side note:there’s an accidental joke on this one; my mom and I decided to label all the little creatures, but in French. We used a translator program to find out what to call the dragonfly and the butterfly, and innocently assumed that when it told us “ladybug” was translated as “bogue de Madam”, that it knew what it was talking about. Not so much.

For a brief period, I flirted with the notion of building an entirely new kind of table, out of cardboard hatboxes–sturdier than it sounds, there’s wood and reinforcements involved. There are two in existence, one at Mom’s house, and one downstairs in my living room. There was a third, but I can’t remember where that one got off to.

Those were a little harder to deal with than I thought, and required the assistance of the resident builder at the time, fondly called Dad, because I’m not really to be trusted around power tools. And honestly…kids stuff is more fun.

Once I had my own house to play with, things got really interesting. I had walls of my own. Blank ones. I think it is now safe to say that any surface in my house that can be painted/faux finished/trompe l’oeiled, has been. And then, lo and behold, children of my own, and a whole new motivation for painting children’s furniture and children’s walls, as well as a deeper understanding of little issues like “durability” and “easy to clean various fluids off of”. Here’re some examples of the wall stuff–hopefully the kids don’t mind sharing.







All along the way, I’ve gotten all the “have you ever thought about selling these” questions, which I mostly shrugged off, but I admit, I thought about it…a lot. I guess the time just wasn’t right yet. Well, guess what? It is now. So I’m taking this big leap that my little pieces of what I’m daring to call art, can find a wider audience than just my inner circle.

So I want to thank all my friends who have let me practice on them over the years, and I’m finally answering all those questions with a big ol’ yes. Here we go!

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